Aims and Scope: The Journal of Workplace Behavior - the official journal of the Charisma Services ( ) -  aims to publish empirical studies, discussions, book and theoretical reviews in the field of management and organizational behavior. The journal welcomes articles from across the world with practical and theoretical significance. JWB covers topics examining individual, group and organizational dynamics, including;

  • Individual level analysis includes: Inclusion and diversity, Personality, decision-making, cognition, norms, perception, beliefs, engagement, attitudes, values, motivation, career behavior, stress, emotions.
  • Group level analysis includes size, composition, structure, leadership, conflict, negation process, power, group affect, and politics.
  • Organizational level analysis includes managing change, goal-setting, organization culture, creativity and innovation, and managing human resource management.
  • Shared issues at all levels: decision-making, performance, talent management, work and family life interferences, career management, global issues.
  • Psychological and behavioral issues of human computer interaction and how human element deals with innovative technologies.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research design in the field of organizational behavior.