Articles submitted to ‘Journal of Workplace Behavior’ can be in all areas of Industrial Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Finance, Management in general, and Business (given under call for papers). Submission guidelines are as follows;


  1. The manuscript should be original, novel, theoretically, and methodologically well-crafted with sound implications for practicing managers.
  2. The paper should not be published elsewhere even in parts and under review for publishing in journal or conference proceedings.
  3. JWB encourages the authors to submit papers between 7,000-10,000 words. Exceptions can be granted considering the indispensability of detailed theoretical rationale.
  4. JWB welcomes manuscripts written in English only. Authors are required to follow the highest standards of academic writing. Proofreading by a language editor enhances the acceptance rate.
  5. All the authors are required to provide their complete names, affiliations, and contact details. However, JWB would communicate with the nominated corresponding author.
  6. Submit the (i) manuscript complete in all respects (including the title page), (ii) a blind copy (without the title page), and (iii) the title page separately (indicating all authors and their affiliations).


Author(s) must provide an ORCID ID before the article can be published. A request for your ORCID ID will be made if you already have one. We'll assist you in creating an ID at the time of submission if you haven't registered with ORCID yet. Although the ORCID is not required for submission or peer review but must be shared before publishing the article online.