Exploring the Influence of Organizational Sustainability on Employee Performance: The Mediating Role of HRM Sustainability

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Ayaz Qaiser


The study explores the link between Human Resource Management (HRM) sustainability and employee performance within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Pakistan. It investigates the mediation effect of HRM sustainability on various organizational factors including human resources, social factors, psychological factors, and employer branding. Additionally, it examines the moderating role of organizational culture on the relationship between these organizational factors and HRM sustainability. Drawing on theoretical frameworks such as social cognitive theory and prior literature on sustainability and HRM, this study posits and empirically tests thirteen hypotheses. The study was conducted using quantitative methodology and the data was collected from 458 faculty members across diverse regions of Pakistan using structured questionnaires, and analysis was conducted using IBM SPSS and measurement model and structural model were analyzed using AMOS software. The findings reveal significant positive relationships between human resource management and HRM sustainability, social factors and HRM sustainability, psychological factors and HRM sustainability, employer branding and HRM sustainability, and HRM sustainability and employee performance. Moreover, organizational culture was found to moderate these relationships. This study contributes to the existing literature by shedding light on the importance of HRM sustainability in promoting employee performance in the higher education sector. It provides valuable insights for HEIs in Pakistan to enhance their sustainable practices and organizational culture, ultimately fostering social responsibility and productivity. Despite some limitations, this research underscores the critical role of HRM sustainability in organizational effectiveness and sustainability, particularly in developing countries like Pakistan.

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Ayaz Qaiser, MY University Islamabad Pakistan

Mr. Ayaz Qaiser is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning both the corporate and educational sectors. He has served in renowned organizations including Standard Chartered bank, UBL, Ovex Technologies and University of Sialkot. Currently serving as the Director of Student Affairs at Grand Asian University, he brings thirteen years of invaluable experience to his role. Beginning his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Bahria University Islamabad, he later pursued a Master's in Project Management, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence and professional development. With a keen interest in academia, he is currently undertaking doctoral studies, further enhancing his expertise in his field. His multifaceted experience equips him with the skills to effectively navigate the complexities of student affairs, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for students under his guidance. Passionate about education and driven by a desire to make a positive impact, he is dedicated to fostering growth and success within the academic community.