The Future of Work and Dystopian Literature: Thoughts and Reflections

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Khurram Ellahi Khan , Hassan Rasool


Frequently the world of innovation and discoveries give credit to eminent works of fiction for glancing into the future. Fiction writers are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, who reveal truth that reality obscures. Science related to the workplace has started looking backward to move forward and we have examples of ideas like servant leadership & organizational existentialism that emerged out of work of fiction. In light of the emerging discourses on the workplace and anticipated worldview of the post pandemic world, an uncertain future is looming over mankind with automation of workplace, artificial intelligence creating hybrid work structures with humans, involuntary surveillance of workers. Study has conducted a systematic literature review of seminal dystopian literature to draw key thoughts that are discussed for the future of the workplace. A thematic analysis has been conducted manually by researchers to extract key themes related to future of work in these novels. Study has also looked into the structures of the jobs discussed in seminal dystopian works on the basis of class conflicts or orchestrated designs due to subliminal thoughts of the society. Study has also archived various themes that literature reflected regarding future of work.

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Khurram Ellahi Khan , Hassan Rasool. (2022). The Future of Work and Dystopian Literature: Thoughts and Reflections. Journal of Workplace Behavior, 3(1), 21–31. Retrieved from


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